Keep it to yourselves but after my moan last week about the weather it look like Summer is finally here. Loads of great feedback on last weeks column and it sounds like we’re not the only holiday destination with a weather problem. Mind you I had plenty of U.K. people telling me how wonderful the summer has been so far over there.
I talked last week about the World Cup which started on Thursday and down at the Pirates theatre they’re going to be showing all the England games on a giant 14 metre screen. The matches are;
Monday 18th of June England v Tunisia, kick-off 20.00, doors open 19.00.
Sunday 24th of June England v Panama, kick-off 14.00, doors open 13.00.
Thursday 28th of June England v Belgium, kick-off 20.00, doors open 19.00.
It’s an air conditioned theatre with table service, food and drinks service, a live DJ building up the atmosphere before the game. It should be really busy so get there early, first come first served! My kids can’t wait.
Returning home one day last week I recognised a guy running along the road near my house. I took a second glance and my suspicions were true it was Arsenal centre half Shkodran Mustafi. I drove back down the road and stopped him to ask for a photo which he was happy to do. Mind you when I asked, aren’t you in the German squad for the World Cup? He frowned and bid me auf wiedersehen. I should have pointed out, no wonder as he’d had an absolute mare of a season defensively for Arsenal.
It’s been a busy week since we last spoke. We took the kids to see the new Jurassic World movie. I’m a fan of the previous films but I thought this one was a little too far fetched, if a film about dinosaurs could get any more far fetched.
The next day we flew off to Barcelona to see Queen and Adam Lambert. I’ve loved Queen ever since they played Live Aid in 1985 and stole the show. Firstly we went to our favourite Tapas bar, Cervecería Catalana. The food and service is great and believe me you’d be hard pushed to find a better place. Back to the concert which was surprisingly not full, about two thirds I say. Now you are never going to replace Freddie Mercury but by keeping the great sound of lead guitar with Brian May and the drumming of Roger Taylor the magic is still there. Adam Lambert plays it cool and has an amazing voice range which compliments all the iconic songs. The holograms of Freddie singing are a lovely touch too and all in all we had a great time.
My flying friends, Ryanair proceeded to once again to stitch us up on our seating. It was the old middle seat chestnut and miles apart from each other. Then to top it all they had the front to send me a mail 24 hours before our flight saying “it’s not too late to upgrade your seats!” and attached a picture pointing to an aisle or window seat!I’ve since checked in with both Vueling and Easyjet and both gave me seats together, without having to pay for the privilege.
The people of Sheffield have Britain’s smelliest feet, according to a new “Footsie Index”(Sorry!). Nearly a quarter of the city’s residents are afflicted by the problem, while one in five people in Leicester and Nottingham also suffers.In Leeds about 17% admit they face the same problem.
Researchers who looked into the nation’s foot hygiene found that 1 in 10 people suffers constantly from smelly feet. They also found that three-quarters of those have had someone remark on the odour.
The study, by Odor-Eaters(who else), suggests that for 20% the condition has an adverse effect on their love life, while 19% say work has been made difficult by the problem. One in five is genuinely paranoid about his or her foot odour and 63% say the hot weather makes their problem even worse.
The study also revealed more than a quarter of us know someone in the workplace whose feet smell. Spraying perfume or deodorant in our footwear, throwing trainers in the washing machine and leaving shoes outdoors overnight are just some of the measures we take to freshen up our shoes. But 43% of the 2,000 adults polled have had to throw out their footwear because the smell was so bad.
Podiatrist Michael Harrison-Blount said: “We all suffer from smelly feet from time to time, especially in summer but it can be a real problem if you’re suffering all the time and people are making comments.
“A combination approach of reducing the activity of the sweat glands and disinfection of the skin and footwear gives the best results when trying to reduce sweaty, smelly feet. A good home foot health regime is important.”
A decisive 87% of those polled thought men were more likely to suffer than women.
The top 10 Cities of smelly feet are;
1. Sheffield
2. Leicester
3. Nottingham
4. Leeds
5. Newcastle
6. Birmingham
7. Belfast
8. Plymouth
9. London
10. Cambridge
The first couple to have wed after meeting on a Club 18-30 holiday are celebrating their 45th anniversary. Hilary Sugden was just 18 when she paid £40 for a week in the sun with the holiday club in 1973, which later became infamous for its ‘sun, sea, sand and sex’ image.
During her stay here in Mallorca she met and fell in love with Club 18-30 rep John Bond, 22, and was persuaded to take a job as the holiday firm’s first ever female rep.
The couple, from Watford, Hertfordhire, wed just nine months later in what is believed to be the first Club 18-30 marriage. Since embarking on their whirlwind romance, the couple have revisited the place where they met more than 10 times.
Now grandparents, Hilary, 64, and John, 68, are planning the celebrations for their 45th wedding anniversary next year and put their happiness down to the holiday firm.
They insist the iconic travel brand at risk of closure due to waning popularity with millennials was the reason they found love.
Hilary said: ‘We would never have met or shared our lives together without Club 18- 30 and its organised activities. ‘It will always be special to us. It gave us many years of enjoyment throughout the 70s and early 80s.
Congratulations to Real Mallorca who became the Champions of Champions last Weekend by beating Rayo Majadahonda 3-1 on aggregate. Thoughts turn now to next season and can they do the impossible of promotion to La Liga?
Finally tomorrow is Fathers Day, so I wish all my fellow Dads a great day.
Enjoy Your Weekend!
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday 07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca, online at on mobile through their free App for IPhone, Android, The Tunein Radio App and on the Spanish TDT TV service. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
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