Dear Friends
Following the news from the Balearic Government, BOIB 112, published on the 20/06/2020 that no Salas de Fiestas will be allowed to open here in Mallorca this Summer. We unfortunately have to take the decision that Pirates Adventure, Pirates Reloaded and Gringos will therefore not be open.
This is clearly a very difficult decision for us to make however we understand that this is the correct decision taking into account the situation caused by COVID-19. Now is the time for us to act responsibly above any other consideration putting the health and safety of all customers and staff first.
Having worked constantly for 35 years this is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make but rest assured we are now working harder than ever to make 2021 our best season ever.
Once a Pirate always a Pirate!
That was a message we sent out to our 120 staff members, our customers and to the people that sell our tickets ten days ago. As you can imagine it was heartbreaking for everyone but not to be given the opportunity to open has been difficult to take. Not only do they tell you can’t open but you have to make a contribution to the social security costs, really? I’ve spoken to owners of bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, excursions and nobody is happy at the way this is being handled. The more and more this goes on the more and more I think we’re being sold down the river.
I’ve travelled around the island this week and all I see is things closed in resorts that would normally be packed at this time of year. Yes there are small pockets of places that are busy but they’re few and far between.
Take Magaluf for an example, Pirates, Western Water Park, Katmandu, BCM and MCP all closed. A few hotels and bars are open but the majority of the resort is shut. I was contacted this week by the Mallorca Tourist Board if I would do an interview with the Daily Telegraph as there was a journalist staying on the island. Of course no problem I said. I did tell her that I was worried about the summer and would people be disappointed if they came and saw lots of things closed down. But I was positive about next year as I believe that we can all come back bigger and stronger and we should push the message #Mallorca2021.
I know there are lots of great things to see around the island but you’re going to have to hire a car to see them. Like last weekend we went to a restaurant called Ca’s Patro March just outside Deià. A place I’d seen many of my friends go to but never been myself. We were invited by friends and I can’t recommend it enough. You drive down a twisty windy road till you get to the parking and if you’re lucky you’ll get a place and make your way down to the bay. There you’ll find a rocky beach, beautiful blue waters and two restaurants. We went to the one on the left of the bay which apparently was featured in the drama The Night Manager. You have to book a table either at 13.00 or 15.00. My recommendation is book for 15.00, firstly you should get a parking spot from the people that are leaving the early sitting and secondly you’re not rushed to leave for the people arriving at 15.00.
The service was a little slow but that made us enjoy it even more and it was a great afternoon. We even managed to clamber over the rocks to get into the sea after eating. We’ll definitely go back.
Having trumpeted that Mallorca is open for business a few things have happened this week that have put a spanner in the works. Scotland have announced that all people travelling to Spain will have to quarantine on their return. That wasn’t in the plan. As has been the case if an outbreak occurs both here or in the UK there has been a local lockdown. So why didn’t Nicola Sturgeon look at certain regions in Spain and their record on COVID? Spain’s overall cases 253,000, Balearics 2,228 so 0.08%. Total Deaths 28,396, Balearics 224 so 0.07%. Think you’re going to be safer here than there! All of a sudden Newcastle has become Scotland’s favourite airport.
Another change is the obligatory use of masks as of Monday. I for one find them very uncomfortable especially in the heat. But it’s to prevent the disease spreading and creating a second wave we’re told. Ok so why now and not when the lockdown first occurred?
Face masks are not mandatory for children under 6, at the beach, at swimming pools, when carrying out sports activities, or at work unless people are working in public spaces or there is public access. So kids under 6 are suddenly immune? They were locked up for 6 weeks in the lockdown! So all those other exemptions mean the disease doesn’t spread there?
It will be mandatory to wear a mask on terraces, except when eating or drinking. How are you going to police this?
People who are unable to wear face coverings for health reasons are exempt.
Until now face masks were only mandatory in commercial establishments or when social distancing of 1.5 metres was impossible.
Anyone caught without a mask will be fined €100. You can see this going horribly wrong and turning into a complete negative especially for tourists.
Why would anyone want to come on holiday and where a face mask? I know I wouldn’t and I’ve had a few people contact me saying that was the straw that broke the camels back for them. So they have cancelled their holiday.
I’ve seen this week that July and August is going to be really busy with up to 5 million tourists arriving. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yes it does until you actually drill down into the detail. Some of these aren’t coming to Mallorca they’re in transit to another destination but more importantly 4.21 million came in July last year and 4.28 million in August. So we’re looking at 50% of last years arrivals in the supposedly busiest time of the year. Given that number are businesses being offered 50% off of their taxes or social security payments to take staff on?
Another problem with there being a restriction on bars and nightclubs are closed all together. There are more and more illegal parties and botellones(outside street parties) happening all over the island. People still want to party so instead of allowing venues to open and keeping people in specific areas, you’ve created a situation that’s probably worse and the police are struggling to cope. It would have been done properly by these establishments like BCM, Tito’s, Social Club and MCP and if it wasn’t then you could fine them and close them down. But not to be given an opportunity smacks of what I’ve talked about before, they don’t want the nightlife, so what use is a glamorous 4 or 5 star hotel without a resort to go with it?
I have a meeting with the Mallorca Tourist Board next week and I know I’ve been critical of them in the past but I want to help as in my opinion nothing beats this island.
Not to be deterred I’m looking forward to next year, I’ll enjoy all the other great offerings Mallorca has for now and help spread the message of #Mallorca2021.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday07.30-11http://www.radioonemallorca.com.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca and 102fm in Calvià, online at on mobile through their free App for IPhone & Android, The Tunein Radio App, iTunes, the Spanish TDT TV service and all smart speakers. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
Follow him on Twitter @DadTaxi1 & Instagram @dad.taxi or feel free to email him at rprior@globobalear.com

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