Open for business?

Three weeks ago I wrote, Where’s the Plan? Three weeks later I’m still asking the same question. The Government have been trumpeting that Mallorca is open for business and whilst I think that is the right message to be sending let’s be honest it’s not really open is it? The only place on the island I see “open for business” is Palma and even that’s not fully open. I’ve been around the main tourist resorts and the streets are empty. Hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops are all closed and there doesn’t seem to be a sign of them opening.
There’s about 150,000 workers in the Balearics on the ERTE at the moment with majority of them in the tourist industry and just 5% of hotels are open. I was sent a list of hotels that were opening, considering opening and wouldn’t open in the Magaluf, Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa areas and it doesn’t make good reading. The main tour operators are saying that if and when they get the go ahead don’t expect there to be a sudden rush to the beaches like there was at Bournemouth this week.
But even if the tourists do come what will be open? We need to be careful that this doesn’t turn into a complete negative and actually harm tourism here on the island. All we need is for people to come and send videos back saying the suns out but nothings open.
A lot of people seem to be waiting to see if the quarantine will be lifted in the UK. Which I’m sure it will but then will people travel?
I’ve come up with a list that says they won’t and a list that says they will and at the moment the won’t list is slightly bigger than the will.
The Won’t list.
They don’t feel safe on a plane.
They don’t have the money.
The weather in the UK is hot and sunny.
It’s only a few weeks before the kids go back to school.
The rules and regulations that resorts will have to put into place thus removing the fun element of the holiday.
The Will list
Mallorca is only approximately 2 hrs away.
There’s a price war and packaged and flights are really cheap.
The weather in the UK is wet and windy.
We’ve been on lockdown for 3 months get me to the sunshine.
The other worrying development in the past week is in regards to nightlife. Remember the ban on excessive drinking that was passed in January? Well after moving the goalposts twice over them being allowed to open, clubs are now being told they can’t until a vaccine is found. Which sounds to me pretty severe. I’m now convinced this Balearic Government are anti nightlife and I don’t see any reason to change my mind. I’m all for curbing excessive drinking but there is a better way to do it than is being shown right now. It’s labelled “drunken tourism” and the resorts of Magaluf, Playa de Palma and San Antonio in Ibiza seem to be feeling the brunt of the Government crackdown. It’s in their view part of cleaning up the resorts and making them more desirable. So are we saying the people who drink in more upmarket hotels and posh beach clubs don’t get drunk? I think we know the answer but it will cost you more money.
I don’t get it personally we should be encouraging all businesses to open as they not only adding a service to people arriving on the island but of course employ a lot of people too. Also think about all the other industries behind these clubs who rely on them for future employment. Light and sound, Staging, drinks companies, food companies, glass suppliers, even the ice makers to name just a few. Think what the Super clubs in Ibiza like Ushuaia, Hi, Amnesia and Pacha would do through a summer, that must be eye watering.
So let’s keep them all on the ERTE and all us tax payers will pick up the bill in the future. It doesn’t make sense does it?
Remember that this isn’t a majority government either, they’re working in a minority and need to be seen to be helping everyone right now.
I’m worried for all businesses both big and small being sold something that isn’t quite what it seems and suffering the consequences. The ERTE has now been extended from the end of June until the end of September across Spain but I’m not sure that’s enough for us here. They are going to have to extend it longer here for tourism I’m sure but will that be enough for businesses to survive? It’s a difficult time for everyone and i would urge caution right now.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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