Back to School!


September, definitely my favourite month, it’s cooler, less busier on the roads, although you still can’t park anywhere, you can get a taxi when you want one and getting a reservation in a restaurant is a little bit easier.

Last Monday was “National Stand In Front of a Door In Your School Uniform and Upload A Photo To Facebook Day.” for pretty much the whole World apart from us parents here that have kids in public school. We’re still counting down the days. If you hear a collective cheer around 9am on Wednesday it’s all the parents as they drop their kids off finally. I’ve talked long and hard about the summer school holidays being far too long and you’ll be hard pushed to find a Spanish or English parent that doesn’t disagree. I think the schooling here is great and both our boys go to Spanish schools but 3 months off in the summer is too long.

My two have kept themselves busy by starting boxing this summer. Not that we want them to fight, as they do enough of that with each other, but it’s great for fitness and discipline. In fact they’ve both carried on despite returning to football training.

We were in Montuiri again last Monday for a friendly match with my eldest Jake. They turned out in a kit that was white shorts, white socks and a camouflaged shirt. It sounds awful but to be honest it looked great.

Happy Mondays star Bez will compete on Celebrity Mastermind, and his specialist subject is… beekeeping!

The rocker, 55, who left school with no GCSEs, is said to be “delighted” to use the BBC1 quiz to show off his knowledge.

Bez is famed for shaking his maracas with the Salford chart-toppers, whose biggest hit was Step On, featuring the classic “twisting my melon” lyric.

He will appear alongside ex-footballer Darren Bent, top florist Elizabeth McKenna and Line of Duty’s Maya Sondhi. Contestants answer questions on a specialist subject, followed by a general knowledge round.

I just happen to be going to the airport on Sunday to pick him up as he’s appearing at Gringos on Monday night. You may recall him coming earlier in the year and he had such a good night he’s coming back. He’s great fun and we’re looking forward to seeing him again.

Gringos has been a huge success this season and if you don’t know, this is bingo but not as you know it! It is the ultimate night out for adults of all ages. Expect chaos, raves, dance-offs, funny prizes and big prizes!

Don’t confuse this as the traditional style of bingo – think nightclub and party atmosphere with music to suit all – from nostalgic tunes, old school anthems and present day bangers! There’s adult humour from the host and crazy characters to keep the audience entertained all night long. So what is all the fuss about? The normal rules of bingo still apply, with some great prizes and then some bizarre prizes…but in between each game you’ll be up dancing as confetti fills the room. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get your fair share of laughs and a crazy party night at that.

Call 971 130411 to get your tickets and don’t forget we’re celebrating Christmas Gringos on October 5th and Halloween Gringos on October 31st.

The return of World Gravy Wrestling Championships a couple of weeks ago saw intrepid wrestlers don their finest fancy dress and go head to head in two-minute bouts in a giant pool filled with more than 1,000 litres of sticky, salty gravy.

The ever-popular event, which began in 2007, is hosted by the Rose n’ Bowl in Stacktseads, Rossendale and this year attracted more than 1,500 spectators.

Over the years it has raised more than £30,000 for East Lancashire Hospice and charities of the competitors’ choice.

Those seeking gravy-soaked glory are awarded points on a number of factors, including who has the best moves, the best costumes, and who gets the biggest laugh out of the crowd. The winner of the men’s competition was returning champion Joel Hicks, while Skye Penty claimed the 2019 crown for the women.

Not sure I would have had the Sunday roast that weekend!

The 34th annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships, an event that Lonely Planet described as one of the top 50 “must do” things from around the world was held on Sunday 25th August 2019 in Llanwrtyd Wells. Over 160 participants from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and USA

The current World Champion and World Record holder Neil Rutter, who achieved a time of 1 minute 18.82 seconds in the 2018 championships breaking the previous World Record of 1 minute 22.56 seconds set in 2014 by Kirsty Johnson from Lightwater in Surrey, mounted a successful defence of his title but failed to break his own record with a time of 1 minute 21.78 seconds. The Ladies Champion was Betsy Creak(not made up) with a time of 1 minute 42.22 seconds and the Overseas Champion was Ian Maclachlan from South Africa with a time of 1 minute 38.75 seconds.

The rules are;

You get one of two bogs assigned at registration, this is not negotiable.

You must snorkel 2 lengths of the bog (110 meters in total) and touch the turn post above the water level.

You are only allowed to swim soggy paddle with arms, no breast stroke or front crawl. You must swim with your face in the water but can look occasionally to adjust direction.

You may use fins but no mono-fins.

You can’t use webbed gloves or full face snorkel masks.

Don’t be slower than 2 minutes for the first length of the bog. Otherwise you cannot continue the second length. Let me know if you fancy it next year.

Dad Taxi earning my money this weekend with a trip to Campanet and another one to Palma for the boys friendly games. No game for Real Mallorca as it’s International weekend but Atlético Baleares play away on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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