We’re going home!

It’s been a funny week, from the euphoria of beating Sweden last Saturday afternoon and believing it’s definitely coming home to our loss against Croatia on Wednesday evening and to the realisation that we’re actually going home. I’ve nothing but pride for our team as I pretty much wrote off our chances before the tournament but as every game went by my attitude began to change to a situation that I couldn’t see us losing. Coming into the game I thought we’d win but if we got to the final France would maybe have been a step too far. Unfortunately we didn’t get that far as Croatia proved stronger than us. It was thought that they may tire as they’d had 2 consecutive games of extra time and penalties but it was us who looked dead on our feet. Luka Modric said after the game that the British media had underestimated them but I loved the tweet from Gary Neville who said “Heard this over the years time and time again. My opinion is, A journalist, Pundit or Broadcaster never won or lost a football game in history! Modric is a great player . I’m not having he was thinking of the Daily Star front page at 1-0 down.”
I loved the idea of waistcoat Wednesday supporting Gareth and the boys. He has single-handedly helped revive Marks & Spencer as sales of waistcoats have increased by 35%. M&S who have been the official suit supplier to the England national team since 2007, have made replica versions of the suit available to fans at the price of £265, while Southgate’s popular waistcoat costs an additional £65.
I managed to dig out my 13 year old wedding waistcoat which did fit by the way, well unbuttoned but I still got it on! I didn’t watch the 3rd/4th place play-off match yesterday as I didn’t really see the point. Why don’t they just give both teams a bronze medal like they do the boxers at the Olympics. I’m sure all the players would prefer to be at home with their families, going on holiday and getting themselves ready as the Premier League starts in four weeks. Looking forward to the final though and at least we can have a relaxing Sunday watching what will hopefully be a great game of football. France the winners for me 3-1.
Now will Wimbledon clash with the World Cup Final? Well the answer is Yes, the men’s singles final is likely to overlap with the start of the World Cup final on Sunday. The BBC has confirmed that it will begin showing Wimbledon coverage on BBC1 from 1pm(UK time) However, at around 2.55pm(UK time) coverage will switch over to BBC2 for the remainder of the match while BBC1 screens the football showdown between France and Croatia. The World Cup final meanwhile will be live on ITV from 2.55pm(UK time)
Following our donations to our charities from our Radiothon, I received these messages of thanks.
G’day Rich, many, many, many thanks to you and your team, legends!
Brad Robertson
Founder & Owner Ondine
Wow! Thank you so much for supporting our work!
Alice Mason
Fundraising & Outreach Ondine
Hi Richie I know Brad and Alice have already sent a couple of messages, but I thought it might be nice to also let you know how this money will be spent – so you are fully secure in the knowledge it is 100% going to where it is needed the most.
Currently, our fundraised income is going to three big projects:
1) to keep our schools programme going for the next academic year (we have so far engaged with over 1000 students on this island this year alone)
(2) to carry out our Formentor expedition (urgently needed to gather the scientific data required to provide the government with the necessary information to select the optimal location for the next MPA on the island before they do it blindsided)
(3) to initiate our new exciting multimedia work that is aiming to bring the underwater world into the classroom and beyond through live, interactive experiences using of as of yet unseen footage of marine life in the Mediterranean.
So lots of work happening and lots of money needed to support it! Radio One’s contribution will be a huge step in the right direction in helping us achieve our goals.
We also need to say a public thank you – so Alice will make sure we get something up on our social media pages about it soon.
Thanks again to everyone at Radio One Mallorca for all your support!
Holly Dawson
Head of Fundraising and Corporate Relations Ondine
Hi Richie Thank you so much once again, glad to hear your Radiothon went so well. It would be great to see you later on in the year to give you another tour of the hospital.
I have attached some information on where we use our donations. GOSH Charity helps to fund 4 distinct areas at the hospital:
Last year…
The completion of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre in 2017 has transformed the hospital. It spans across two connecting wings, which includes the new Premier Inn Clinical Building and the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, with a total of 240 beds and modern facilities to help give children the best possible outcome.
We’re soon to open vital new accommodation for parents to stay close to the hospital, and the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children – a world-leading new research facility – is due for completion in late 2018.
Last year…
£13.6 million was invested and 77 pioneering research projects supported to help children with complex conditions.
Our new partnership with the children’s medical research charity Sparks will make £2 million available for child health research across the UK in 2017/18. This will be the largest fund in the UK dedicated to child health research, and will benefit children at GOSH, nationally and around the world. The first projects will be funded next year.
“Without the staff working hard to develop these new drugs and treatments, my life would be very different to how it is now.” Joe, GOSH patient
Last year…
In 2016/17, the charity funded a fleet of new ultrasound machines that are already benefitting young patients across the hospital. Pregnancy ultrasounds have been a routine part of maternity care in the UK for decades, but this imaging technology has many other important uses at GOSH.
Ultrasound opens a window on our insides, safely and without pain. Clinicians at GOSH use it to help diagnose complex conditions, guide expert hands during surgery, and make sure babies are developing as they should in the womb.
“Thanks to a specialist ultrasound scan at 20 weeks of pregnancy, my son’s heart condition was diagnosed early” Lucy, GOSH mum.
Patient and Family welfare
Last year…
£7.8 million spent on child and family support projects.
Our range of support projects help to provide an enhanced patient and family experience. For example, a dedicated team of 38 charity-funded Play experts interact with more than 160 patients and siblings each day to bring fun into the hospital and help patients come to terms with their illness. GOSH Arts provide creative stimulation and brighten up the hospital community with art and live music. Our Chaplaincy team provide support and advice for parents, and our accommodation services keep families together.
“GOSH Arts was a wonderful breath of fresh air, on a lousy morning of treatment and rain.” GOSH parent.
Jonathan Tebble
Fundraising Executive|Community Fundraising
Thank you so much for this message. You and your team make a great work!
I thank you so much for this help for the animals. All the best to you and your team.
Big Hug( sorry for my bad english)
Helga Feliz Animal Andratx
Once again thank you from everybody at Son Espases especially the intensive care unit for children. The money is being used to fund many different projects to help the children and their parents deal with what are difficult situations in a more relaxed environment.
Jorge Vallejo
Son Espases
Once again thank you for all your help you can see from above that all the money raised really does make a difference.
Enjoy Your Weekend!
Richie presents the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday 07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca, online at http://www.radioonemallorca.com on mobile through their free App for IPhone, Android, The Tunein Radio App and on the Spanish TDT TV service. If you can’t hear him on the radio then you’ll find him working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again he may make an understudy appearance!
Feel free to email him at rprior@globobalear.com

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