It’s Coming Home!

I am very happy to announce that we raised €14,855.00 from our Radiothon. Meaning that we will be able to donate €3,719.62 to each of our four charities. Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Asociación Ondine, Son Espases Intensive Care unit for Children and Feliz Animal Andratx. Massive thanks to everybody who contributed and helped us reach our total. Thank You!
No mention of the weather last week but I have to come back to it this week. After weeks of complaining about the weather being so bad, we’re now saying it’s too hot!
We asked our listeners on the radio their top tips on sleeping in the heat and as always they didn’t let us down.
“Freeze a big bottle of water and put it in front of any room fan for a cold nights sleep.”
“Cold shower before bed, dry off a bit with a sarong and lie on the damp sarong.”
“Run cold water over your ankles and feet just before bed time. Cools down body temperature.”
“I just bought a mat for my dog that with weight it cools down. Thinking of buying one for me and putting under the bottom sheet, up until now I have a water spray bottle with a fan”
“Fill hot water bottle with icy cold water & hug!!!”
“Don’t sleep naked! Makes it worse when you sweat. Wear a cotton nightshirt and wet it first.”
“Get drunk first then just pass out. I’ve seen people asleep on the street and they look happy enough!”
I’m sure one of these will help you out there.
England have made it into the last 16 of the World Cup on possibly the easier side of the draw. Columbia await in the last 16 and if they get through that it’s Sweden or Switzerland, get through that and it’s a possible meeting with Spain in the semi-finals. I think we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit, beat what’s in front of you first and then look to the next game. There’s some great conspiracy theories going around and this one caught my eye.
2010, Pep Guardiola won the Spanish league and Spain won the World Cup.
2014, Pep Guardiola won the German league and Germany won the World Cup.
2018, Pep Guardiola won the English league and IT’S COMING HOME!
England fans supped 33 million pints in a £150m day-long bender after watching boss Gareth Southgate’s heroes’ record-breaking 6-1 walloping of Panama in the searing 35C heat in Russia. The combination of a Sunday lunchtime kick-off, hot weather and a big win saw pub beer gardens packed and at-home barbecues across Britain throughout the day. Experts reckoned 15m pints were necked in pubs and bar takings were expected to top £85m. Another 18m pints were downed at house parties across the country at a cost of £20m. Fans spent another £20m on match food. I’m sure it was a similar story in bars and cafes across the island. We were in BCM Square and the habit of fans throwing beer in the air every time there was a goal must have brought a smile to the owners faces as England kept scoring.
An England fan is so convinced England will win the World Cup he got a tattoo of the feat 21 days before the final. Jamie Richardson’s belly inking shows the Fifa trophy and reads “England 2018 World Cup Winners”.
He got it on Monday after the Three Lions’ 6-1 rout of Panama.
Leeds Utd fan Jamie told mates in the pub: “I’m going to be the first person to have an England World Cup winners tattoo.” He added: “I know people may think I am an idiot but I don’t care.” I’m saying nothing!
The record-breaking 6-1 victory over Panama at the World Cup on Sunday drew an 82.9% peak share of the television audience to BBC One.
The match attracted a peak television audience of 14.1m people as England secured a place in the last 16 with their biggest win at a World Cup.
There were 2.8m requests (3.05m with on-demand) to stream the match on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website. In terms of comparing the peak share, it was 89% for the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, while England’s game against Wales at Euro 2016 achieved 73% in the United Kingdom and 79% in Wales. The Royal Wedding in May achieved a 70% peak share.
Talking of tv audiences, Love Island pulled in a record-breaking 3.4m viewers when Zara and Eyal were dumped. The ratings means it’s ITV2’s most watched programme ever. Overall, the hour-long show scored three million viewers, and an audience share of 15.8%. Regardless of whether you like the show or not it’s great publicity for the island.
Actually I’m off to the North East of the island this weekend so if I don’t come back, I’m in the villa!
Enjoy Your Weekend!
I present the Radio One Mallorca Breakfast show Monday to Friday 07.30-11.00am on 93.8fm in Mallorca, online at on mobile through their free App for IPhone, Android, The Tunein Radio App and on the Spanish TDT TV service. If you can’t hear me on the radio then you’ll find me working at Pirates Adventure the islands number one night out and every now and again i may make an understudy appearance!
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