Register Your Right To Vote!

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings, I think that covers it all! Thoughts now turn to 2023 and what it’s going to bring. One of the most important things for the us in Spain are the 2023 local elections which will be held on Sunday the 28th of May. This is to elect all councillors in the municipalities of Spain and all 1,038 seats in 38 provincial deputations. These are elections that we as Expatriates can vote in. If you want a say in how your municipality is run then my suggestion is you make your vote count. There’s no point in complaining about all the things wrong with where you live if you haven’t made use of your opportunity to do something about it. I imagine if you’ve voted before like me you thought you could rock up to your local polling station on May 28th and cast your vote. Because of Brexit that is not actually the case. 

The right to vote is enjoyed by foreigners resident in Spain whose respective countries allow Spaniards to vote in their elections, under the terms of a Treaty. Currently, these countries are: Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and guess who, the United Kingdom.

In addition, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in possession of a residence permit in Spain.
  • Have resided in Spain, legally and uninterruptedly, for at least five years prior to their application for registration on the electoral roll.
  • Be registered on the electoral roll in the municipality of their habitual residence, which is where they may exercise their right to vote.

In addition, nationals of the United Kingdom may stand for election in municipal elections with the same requirements and exclusions as provided for by law in relation to nationals of Spain.

All nationals of the countries with agreements described above must apply for registration in the electoral census of residents in Spain of nationals of countries with agreements for the municipal elections. 

The key thing in all of this comes next, registration in the electoral census and formal declarations must be made between the 1st of December 2022 and the  15th of January 2023! So basically you have just nine days to register for your right to vote regardless of whether you have voted before. Quite why they’ve made such a small window available is not for discussion now but it’s important that everyone knows about it.

Where to submit and complete this form or letter?
If you have received notification from the Electoral Census Office (OCE), you may do so online or by ordinary post.
If not, and in any case, you may present and fill in the formal declaration form at the Town Hall where you live, that is to say, where you are registered.

If you go to all the information you need is there. I am planning to interview as many candidates as possible to find out their intentions particularly in Calvia for the next four years. Please spread the word about registering to be able to vote, it is important we all have a right to say how our municipality is run.

Enjoy your weekend. 

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