It’s long overdue that football had a fit and proper, ‘fit and proper person test’  

Just under a year ago I wrote a piece about football ownerships and how the Americans were taking over the Premier League. This was linked to the failed attempt by some of Europe’s biggest clubs to start the European Super League. The link I was making at the time was that Americans don’t understand how we have promotion and relegation in our leagues as in America it doesn’t happen. And this was precisely how they’d planned it to be in this new European competition. As we know it was a complete farce and only lasted a few days. 

At the time I didn’t talk too much about Chelsea’s ownership. The link they  had to the Americans was that their Chairman Bruce Buck was an American. Football fans are a funny bunch and yes I include myself in this. In a way that as long as there is success on the pitch the ownership is forgotten about. Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 and turned them into a very successful winning team by spending millions on players and managers to gain success. Most people outside of Chelsea thought it was unfair but would have accepted it if it had of been their club and Chelsea fans revelled in the glory. What changed is that despite all denials, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and all the Russian oligarch’s suddenly became personas non grata. Abramovich allegedly has close ties to Putin and although denied, he has been very quiet since his statement of intention to sell Chelsea. Since then it seems he has been moving around trying to move his assets away from the UK. Now I don’t want to get into the ins and outs but the doubt is definitely there. I do feel sorry for the people at Chelsea who’ve worked there all their lives for the love of the club and not the people in power. Also whoever is running the show right now completely got the room wrong when they asked for their FA Cup tie this weekend to be played behind closed doors. “Sporting Integrity” was the reason as Chelsea weren’t allowed any fans at the game. Maybe Middlesbrough, their opponents should have gone back and said in the name of “sporting integrity” can you drop most of your million pound squad and play the youngsters against our two bob outfit(no offence) but it’s utterly ludicrous from Chelsea. So ludicrous that after they asked it in the morning, they dropped it in the afternoon. 

Bids for those interested in buying Chelsea closed yesterday so let’s see what happens. 

Gary Lineker tweeted this week “It’s long overdue that football had a fit and proper, ‘fit and proper person test’ for potential owners of football clubs. An independent regulator is probably the only way to do this.”

Fans at my club Arsenal for a few years had been asking for Russian Alisher Usmanov to take over. He sold up his shares and sunk some money into Everton and that’s now gone because like Abramovich he has had his assets frozen. 

Look at Newcastle, the new owners are the Saudi Public Investment Fund and despite their denials this is basically run by the Saudi Government. The same government that the UK sells military arms to and that has executed 81 men in one day this past week. 

It’s a complete mess and needs looking at but nobody right now seems to care. In the words of the legend that was Jimmy Greaves “It’s a funny old game”. Probably not in the eyes of the Ukrainian people. 

As always the people of Mallorca are showing their support to those suffering due to the war happening right now in the Ukraine. There is a group set up to coordinate with the Ukrainian Church to help place as many people as they can who are arriving here from their war torn homeland. This is more important than ever now as the original hotel taking refugees is now full. It can be for short term, as in 1 month or more, a room or anything you can offer.

Please email or get in contact with Ayesha 616 441 201.

You can also help by donating towards flights, for those who are unable to make it by land. If you are donating for flights, please make a note on the donation and email Tracy so she is aware. 

The Ukrainian Church is still in need of supplies, most importantly food and medicine.

Don’t forget Ayesha 616 441 301 and Richie 670 704 312 will come to you to pick up any supplies if you are unable to make it to the new drop off point at the fire station is C/ Gremi Picapedrers 1, Polígono Son Castello, Palma. 

Thank you for all your support Mallorca you are as always amazing.

Take care everyone and enjoy your Weekend! 

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