Who’s Had The Worst Week?

It’s strange how people in power seem to think that they are above the law and can get away with pretty much anything. Now firstly I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but in this day and age of social media, most people have already made up their mind of a persons guilt before they’ve had a chance to explain or gone to trial. Now I don’t want to get in too deeply to the rights and wrongs here but there’s been some pretty high profile stories lately. I am of course talking about Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew. Neither have covered themselves in glory and instead of coming out and apologizing that they were wrong at the beginning, they’d rather hide behind excuses not to. Does the apologizing in most peoples eyes actually admit guilt? I would say not but it does give you the opportunity to explain if you can your actions and if there are further questions to answer then you do at the appropriate time. In both of these cases they seem to have been badly advised which I find staggering in the positions they are in. 

This leads me onto Novak Djokovic. The Worlds number one tennis player is another who thinks he is above the law. He has a choice not to be vaccinated but for someone that travels around the world doing the job he does, surely it was going to be difficult. In the words of our very own Rafa Nadal “He has taken his own position and everybody is free to take their position. But there are consequences. I don’t like the situation. In some ways, I feel sorry for him. 

“But he knew the conditions months ago. He made his own decision.” 

To come to one of the worst locked down countries in the World in his position was in my opinion always going to end in tears. Neither Djokovic or the Australian Government have painted themselves in glory here but the time it’s taken to make this decision has been far too long and drawn out. Surely it should have been sorted before he even stepped on the plane? But I’m sure he thought that in his position they wouldn’t refuse him entry and in the case of the Australian Government as soon as they saw public opinion changing they overruled the judge’s decision. Why? Well call me Mr Cynical but there’s an election coming up, which is probably why Boris in his case hasn’t been so apologetic as he could be in office for at least another couple of years.

Governments or governing bodies making such slow decisions is the norm these days and very frustrating. The F1 debacle, where in my opinion Lewis Hamilton was robbed of a record eighth World Championship is taking an age to come to a conclusion. We heard this week that we will all have to wait until March 18th to hear the result of the FÍA, the governing body of formula 1 investigation, Really? The race was on November 20th and we have to wait nearly four months for their decision? Come on!

Finally on decisions taking an age, VAR in football is actually causing more arguements than it was supposed to be solving. When before it was the referees decision on the pitch, right or wrong. Now if the VAR referee thinks he’s got it wrong he advises him to look at the screen. Nine times out of ten he then changes it. So it’s now the opinion of the VAR referee that is influencing the game. So now we’ve got two clowns running a game! Take last weeks Manchester United v Aston Villa FA Cup match, it took over three minutes for the officials to disallow a “goal” for Villa. If they can’t decide in that amount of time surely the goal should be awarded?

What happened to good old fashioned honesty? I suppose if everything in the World was correct, we’d have nothing to gossip or complain about and I would have nothing to write about! 

Take care everyone and enjoy your Weekend! 

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