A Week Of Utter Lunacy!

Have the lunatics taken over the asylum? This past week, there have been decisions and actions made by people in power or so called power, that have quite simply been some of the worst I have witnessed. It beggars belief that these people are in charge of these things and I’m not just talking about the Government.

But it’s a good place to start! I pretty much covered the partygate story last week, although it’s still hanging around like a bad smell. However I was interested to hear and watch an interview done by the Health Secretary Sajid Javid on Sky News on Monday. Firstly he was like a rabbit in headlights, mind you he was being interviewed by Kay Burley. 

Burley: How many are in Hospital? 

Javid: In England 10.

Burley: How many are on ventilators? 

Javid: I don’t have the answer to that question, I don’t know how ill they are in hospital.

Burley: How many people have died from Omicron in the UK?

Javid: At this point in time I can’t confirm a death. 

His lack of knowledge as the health secretary was alarming, you would have thought he would have done his homework. 
Now I understand this interview was on Monday and things have moved on. There are of course 1,000’s of cases but it is my understanding that the majority of them are milder because of the vaccine and therefore people are not having to go to hospital. Which is also the case in South Africa where this first started. It was naive to think there wouldn’t be cases in the winter but isn’t this flu that normally happens this time of year? Suddenly nobody has flu they all have the Omicron, or “Omicon” as I’m calling it. 

Professor Chris Whitty told the Health and Social Care Committee on Thursday that he did not wish to dictate to people what they can and cannot do. He added: ‘This is about saying to people, look, this is a period to prioritise. If the most important thing to them in the next 10 days is go to a football match, then that is a priority for them.’ 

Tank, fly, boss walk, jam nitty gritty, you’re listening to advice from Professor Chris Whitty. Hands up if you didn’t read that sentence you sang it!

Joking aside, I seriously believe the Government are trying to scare people Into their own self imposed lockdown. 

I unfortunately i didn’t get to see the finale to the F1 season last Sunday as I was doing an island tour watching my boys play football. However what happened defies belief. Lewis Hamilton was leading the race by around 12 seconds from his rival Max Verstappen and seemingly on his way to the drivers World Championship. Even Christian Horner the Red Bull Chief said on the radio they needed a miracle to win. Well that miracle came from a guy called Nicolas Latife who was at the back of the field and crashed his car with only 5 laps to go. A safety car ensued giving Verstappen time to change his tyres and Hamilton deciding to stay to maintain track position as he thought the safety car would be until the end of the race. Inexplicably the Race Director Michael Masi called the safety car in on the penultimate lap and allowed the cars in between Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves. So a 12 second lead was now zero and Verstappen was on new tyres. 

The perfect analogy I can think of is, It would be like England are winning the World Cup Final 3-0 in the 90th minute and the referee says, right next goal wins it! 

Utter madness as Verstappen then had a clear run to the title. Queue all sorts of conspiracy theories, objections, arguements and counter arguements. And another complete mess. Hamilton kept a dignified silence and probably had more people supporting him because he had lost than if he had of won. He divides opinion but for me is one of our all time greatest sportsmen and thoroughly deserved his knighthood he picked up this week. As I’m writing I hear that Mercedes have dropped their appeal and therefore Verstappen is the official World Champion. 

The final clanger was from UEFA, the heads of European football who managed to completely muck up the Champions League draw. Now you’ve got one job to make sure that the 16 teams left in the competition find out who their opponents are in the knockout stages. I won’t go into too much detail as I could be here all weekend. A team can’t face another team who they played in the leagues stages and another team from their own country. So Manchester United were pulled out with Villareal who they’d just played in the league stages. UEFA called it a technical software problem, aka a cock up. Meaning they had to do the whole draw again. They drone on and on and try and make it into an event when everyone would just like to see the draw being done properly. 

Clowns the lot of them. 

Take care everyone and enjoy your Weekend! 

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