We Are In Danger Of Being Left Behind!

Last week I was invited to a meeting of the Asociación Balear de Ocio Nocturno y Entretenimiento (A.B.O.N.E.) which in English is the Balearic Association of nightlife and entertainment. There were representatives from all over Mallorca and they were joined on Zoom by representatives from Ibiza and Menorca. The majority of the businesses within this Association haven’t been able to work since the Lockdown of March 14th 2020. The ones that have been able to open have done so with great difficulty and under strict restrictions. 

As of today there is still no set date as to when they can reopen and also when all restrictions will be lifted. The pandemic situation in the summer was far worse than it is now and yet the Government still won’t let them open. I think the Government have to come up with a plan to make sure these people can restart their businesses. It may well be too late now but if we want to safeguard the islands and it’s biggest industry then something needs to be done. I said this a couple of weeks ago the  Nightlife Sector generates a whopping 20 billion euros, according to the National Federation of Leisure & Entertainment Businesses, or FNEOE. That surely can’t be ignored for much longer. We are in danger of being left behind by other resorts like Turkey, Greece and Croatia and we need to be sure of the message. Do the red zones still exist in Magaluf, Playa de Palma and San Antonio? Remember this was a law brought in for the 2020 season to curb the excessive drinking tourism. I don’t know many that are against it but why make it certain zones only? Either have it for all or don’t have it at all. What I mean by that is how can you have certain measures in Magaluf but not have the same measures in the neighbouring resort of Palma Nova? Equally even in the same town of Magaluf, how can you have some places being told they can’t offer free drinks or all inclusive packages but some hotels that are on their doorstep can? It’s utterly ridiculous. What happened to “one for all and all for one!” I’m all for cleaning up the resort but that works both ways. Away from the promenade and beach, which are looking great by the way, the rest of the resort looks tired and rundown. If you don’t believe me look around, I do as I’m there most days. See how many for sale and for rent signs there are. Is it me or does the Graffiti seem to be getting worse?  There is an area by the football stadium that is dedicated to that art and it looks good. But it’s starting to crop up everywhere, it’s ugly and if we are looking to attract more tourists this needs to be dealt with. Have a look at the motorway between Palma Nova and Portals and see how much there is. They’ve even started on that central reservation wall that I’m still none the wiser on! It’s all right saying that you’d like a better class of tourist but if the resort they’re coming to isn’t up to it then they’re not going to return. Compare and contrast that to the resort next door of Palma Nova and things are very different. Now I know the resort differs from Magaluf as it mainly exists of the promenade road and that’s it. But you can notice there’s a marked difference between each resort. At the moment they’re seems to so much uncertainty that somebody has to have the cojones to say. We’re getting ready to make 2022 the best year the island has had in recent times and here’s how we’re going to do it. Surely we’re not going to tip toe along waiting for some good news, we need to make that good news ourselves. 

Take care everyone and enjoy your Weekend! 

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