You Deserve Spain?

Sometimes I wonder who puts our promotional campaigns together and the phrases that they come up with. The latest one is ‘You Deserve Spain’ from Turespaña, the public body, attached to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the Ministry of Tourism, that are responsible for marketing and promotion of Spain as a travel destination in the world. 

This campaign coincided with “Freedom Day” in England, last Monday, July 19th, when all restrictions imposed by the pandemic were over and people with double vaccines could travel to amber countries, such as Spain, without having to comply with quarantine on their return. It is a campaign for the strongest source markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands and Poland. The €8 million campaign is mostly digital, although in some markets it will be boosted through print and outdoor advertising. From Monday, videos of the campaign could be seen in Piccadilly Circus in London.

It sounds like a lot of money and in all honesty I’m not sure the message is right. You could flip it and say ‘Spain Deserves You!’ But I’m sure there’s better, as for me it has a slightly negative connotation. I do hope someone hasn’t come up with a phrase in another language and used Google translate. In fact I don’t think you need words, pictures alone would sell Spain to me. If I’m in the middle of London, it’s either raining or too hot that you can’t cope and you’re probably stuck in a traffic jam. Words are not going to convince me that Spain deserves me but pictures of beautiful beaches, cuisine, wine, mountains, etc are more likely to. It’s a well known fact that images are far more powerful than words and our brains react far more positively to them. Even if the campaign did portray those images then the words don’t match for me. 

I remember commenting before about a campaign that was launched here in Mallorca using Rafa Nadal, which I think was back in 2009. Whilst it bagged Rafa a few million euros they put him in such obscure photos that you would never have known he was in Mallorca. 

Whilst I’m desperately trying to remain positive about this season the more I’m hearing the less positive I’ve become. I always like to be glass half full but it looks like it’s going the other way and close to running on empty. Apparently 75% of hotels in Magalluf and Palma Nova are open which is good but we need to know the occupancy in these hotels. If I drive from Pirates within 5 minutes I can see 6 hotels closed, Atlantic Park, Don Juan, Guadalupe, Room Mate Olivia(Barracuda in old money) Sol House, and BH (which in reality is a four hotel complex). That’s a lot of beds that are not open which would normally feed into the resort. Of course anything is a boost on last years washout but is it good enough? Everyday there’s speculation of traffic light changes, restriction changes and it’s difficult for anyone to get into a routine. If the truth be known with the number of infections we should be in red as our numbers are worse than countries that are in red. It seems that the Government are trying to limp through to the end of August if they can to at least get some business in. If that comes with harder restrictions in September though I’m not sure how the local population will react. Interesting report out this week is that the current coalition Government would lose an election if it was held right now and be ousted by the opposition PP and the far right party Vox who could govern in a coalition themselves. It seems that the Government’s handling of the pandemic and particularly the tourist industry hasn’t gone down too well with voters. 

We are in a situation right now that rather than just be selfish and protect ourselves and our individual countries we need to get as many people double vaccinated around the World. Plus there needs to be a worldwide Covid airport check system as it seems to be different not just to the country you are travelling to but which airport you are travelling through too. Surely someone can come up with a body Covid detector like they have at airports to detect whether you’re carrying anything you shouldn’t. That can’t be beyond the realms of man or technology? 

I hope I’m wrong with my pessimism but I don’t think I am. 

Let’s not forget though that Mallorca is still offering exactly what it should be right now which is hot days and balmy nights. If you’re having trouble sleeping in this weather then here’s a few tips to keep cool at night.

  1. Ensure there is a good airflow through the house. Open windows on both sides to allow the air to pass through.
  2. Close blinds and curtains in rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight. The shade will help the room stay cooler.
  3. Have a lukewarm bath or shower before bed to encourage your core temperature to drop, or alternatively put lukewarm water in a hot water bottle and place the soles of your feet on it.
  4. If using a fan, place a bowl of ice chilled water in front of it to cool the stream of air it’s pushing around the room.
  5. If you are using a cotton sheet ensure it is as low a thread count as possible as the higher the thread count, the less breathable it is.
  6. Finally don’t worry too much about it. The biggest thing that prevent us sleeping in hot weather is the thought of “I am too hot to sleep”.

Take care everyone and enjoy your Weekend! 

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