The Choice Is Yours

When we first got locked down in mid March last year I don’t think many of us thought that nearly ten months later we would be pretty much in the same position. So how do we get out of this mess and get on with our lives? Well for me we’ve got three choices. 

Number 1: We carry on with the current situation and when the numbers are high we are locked down or put on curfews. And when the numbers are low those restrictions are eased. 

Number 2:  Take the vaccine.

Number 3: Protect the vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with our lives. 

So let’s look at the above in slightly more detail. 

Firstly carrying on as we are. Well ten months since the first lockdown we don’t see m to be in any better position than we were when it all started. We’re into round three of lockdown/Curfews/restrictions and what has changed? We can’t just keep stopping and restarting when the numbers start to rise its not working and it’s not practical. I’m sure there’s far worse to come, not with the virus but the fallout from concentrating on the virus. Mental health is more of a silent killer but there is without doubt a huge problem looming. Cancer is either not being screened or detected early enough and will be another huge problem soon. These are just the tip of the iceberg and whilst the concentration on Covid has been important, the lack of concentration in other fields is worrying. 

That’s just concentrating on health without looking at jobs, education, finances, need I go in? These are going to be a problem for years to come. 

Secondly the vaccine. Now if this becomes the only way for things to get back to some sort of the normality then show me the needle. I do not believe for one minute the vaccines being released are dangerous, if they were they wouldn’t have been passed. It may well affect different people in different ways like all things do, but for the overall majority it will be fine. You can guarantee that the media who’ve been screaming for it to be rolled out will try and find someone who has an allergic reaction to it. Why do they do that? 

I noticed this week that reality star Lauren Goodger said she didn’t want take the vaccine. Who? You might say! Well she’s a reality TV star who has around 750,000 followers on Instagram so a lot of people follow what she says. “I don’t want to inject myself with something I don’t know the long-term effects. I have heard all the different things that are in it and I think I have had Covid already and I have coped with it.” Well I urge you to check her out and if I’m not wrong which I know I’m not, she’s already had things injected into her in a lot of different places. Everyone can have an opinion but when you quite plainly don’t know the facts don’t make headlines out of them as people will believe what you say. If you’re not sure, don’t ask Dr Google or social media as this is a very important decision and down to each and every one of us to decide what we do. 

Thirdly, protect the vulnerable and the health service and let us get on with our lives. I talked about this earlier in the year and I still have the same opinion. The World needs to start getting back to some sort of normality and the sooner the better. 

I think we’re in a situation right now that will be a combination of all three choices and slowly but surely we’ll return to where we were ten months ago. Glass half full for me, positivity will help us all get through this, not negativity. 

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend! 

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