Anyone Out There With The Cojones To Say That’s It?

This weeks column is written out of sheer frustration in what has happened here in Mallorca in the past year. Blame can only be rested with the people making decisions which means the Government both regionally and nationally. I’ve said before that around the World there isn’t one Government who you’d say have got their reaction to the pandemic completely correct. Whether that be the first, second or now third wave. This is a new phenomenon for all, but you have to question the stop/start reaction we are getting here. 

Businesses and people are being subjected to rules and regulations that seem to change like the weather and in some cases on a daily basis. Think back, no masks, then masks, no school, then school,  no tests, then tests, no curfew, then curfew are just a few of many examples. So how many more waves of this stop/start do we have to endure before someone actually has the cojones to say that’s it?  Protect the vulnerable, make rules that are sensible and let us get on with our lives. I’m not for once forgetting anybody that’s sadly passed away from this awful disease and I’m not a Covid denier either. But for our own sanity or economic necessity we need to get back to some sort of pre-pandemic normality. 

The mess we’re in right now is in my opinion is 99.9% down to the non testing of anyone arriving at the airport from the mainland. I said it last week but still they dithered and only this week will it start. A friend of mine came from Germany this week via Barcelona. He was asked for his PCR test in Germany but on his arrival in Barcelona and Mallorca, nothing! 

It’s a joke. 

This however is not just about Covid as serious as it is but all the other problems that despite prior warnings are now starting to appear. 

I’ve followed a Professor Karol Sikora on Twitter since this all began. He has been an oncologist for 50 years and a former Director of the WHO cancer programme. News broke this week that the waiting list for cancer treatment in the UK has nearly doubled since May. 

Delays caused by coronavirus have seen the number of patients waiting for cancer tests or treatment soar from around 90,000 to 160,000 in just seven months.

It comes as a report warns patients face a ‘double whammy’ of delays in seeing a GP and long waiting times for vital cancer tests. We all know that  catching cancer early is without doubt a lifesaver so what do you say to all the people that have lost a relative through this or people that haven’t been diagnosed and may well risk losing their lives? 

He commented “So many have cancer right now and don’t even know, it’s an unfolding disaster.”

I imagine the UK is not alone in those figures and that is just one example, there are many more. Mental health and economic worries are becoming a massive problem. 

I was critical of the National Government at the time of lockdown as we were being put under restrictions due to the problems of Covid infections on the mainland. It is the same now here in Mallorca and the Regional Government. There is no doubt the numbers are going up, current numbers(taken from show that there are 4,827 active cases in Mallorca. Palma alone makes up 49% of those cases with 2381, but divide that into capital’s population which was taken from July’s figures of 456,088 and you’re looking at an infection rate of 0.5%. Take that into Calvia where I live, it makes up 3% of the overall numbers. There are 182 active cases from a population of approximately 50,000, or 0.3%. So why are we subject to the same restrictions as Palma? There has been a lockdown in Manacor and also parts of Palma but never fully. Looking at the numbers now, I suggest there should be. 

We either have to take the view that to continue with our lives the numbers have to come down or we learn to live with what we’ve got. I’m part of the second camp and I’ll learn to live with the risk. Let’s face it life is a risk on a daily basis but I would rather look after my own destiny. 

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, it’s not going to be an easy one but let’s try and enjoy it all the same. 

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend! 

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2 thoughts on “Anyone Out There With The Cojones To Say That’s It?

  1. Another well balanced article that is spot on Richie. The sheeple must wake up. This isn’t going away. We should protect the vulnerable, but get on with life. Doubt any politician will have those cojones though. Perhaps catch up for a coffee again sometime. Not going anywhere in a hurry.


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