World Travel Market

Next week is the World Travel Market in London. Now this year it’s not your normal Travel Market where delegates go for a jolly up on our tax payer money. Sorry I meant for some serious meetings about the tourist industry for 2021. With the current situation in the World then people flying in to visit a confined space at the Excel Centre, London, obviously isn’t going to work. So it will be a virtual Travel Market, all online and they will try to address the impact the global health pandemic has had on the travel and tourism industry and discuss a road map to recovery, identifying the trends and innovation shaping the future of the industry and show people the path that lies ahead.
I will keep my eye on it as it will be interesting to see what message we as the Balearic Islands and more particularly Mallorca has for the industry. The main markets we need to focus on are the UK, Germany and our own Spanish market. Right now none of these three are in any position for travel but there needs to be a plan as it won’t be long before Easter is upon us next year. In fact Easter doesn’t fall favorably in 2021, as Good Friday is April 2nd. In any year Easter falling so early a lot of businesses would choose not to open, because after the rush of Easter and putting so many people on contract there’s always a lull in numbers. Some will be desperate to open as it will have been 18 months since their last opened their doors. But it might well be prudent to wait just one more month. It will be interesting to see what the Tour Operators, Airlines and Hoteliers decide to do as they are in no position to start opening and losing money straight away. I imagine the start for the majority will be Saturday May 1st 2021
I read with interest that the Government will meet the cost of performing rapid tests on tourists both foreign and Spanish arriving in the Balearics for next season. They will encourage people to take a test before they leave and show proof on arrival. If they don’t have one then they will be given one there and then and I imagine run the risk that if they fail that test they will be sent back. I’ve been critical of the Government here for not really coming up with anything throughout the season but this to me seems a good idea. 
Right now the focus must be to clear up the infection rate here between now and April. Although Spain as a whole doesn’t currently have good figures, the Balearics has the second lowest rate in the country. The 7 day cumulative incidence per 100,000 here is at 225.6. The Canaries are the best at 108.3 and the current worst region is Andalucía at 4,698.4. Figures were from November 5th. There are constant fears of another lockdown like before but I believe they are unfounded. What they are doing is giving each autonomous region the right to decide what is best for their situation which is the the right way to go. We also have the option of shutting our ports and airport before a full lockdown which of course wouldn’t really work on the mainland. 
Let’s face it wearing masks, meeting six or less people and being at home before midnight aren’t anything like what we went through in the spring. We can pretty much get on with our daily lives but we must take it upon ourselves to follow the rules if we want to get back to some sort of normality next year. I believe there will be a tourist season next year, tougher than before of course but something for us all to build on in the years to come. In a few years time we’ll remember this “Annus Horribilus” and not believe that we passed a whole summer without working properly. Be positive and remember to look out for other people who might be struggling more than you. 
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend! 
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