No I’m not fine!

The weather is looking good and the island is showing signs of life again after our winter break. I say this because this week I received a parking fine, yes the fun Police are back on it looking for donations to their Christmas party! I’ve parked in the same place since November 1st with no problems and on Wednesday I returned to my car to see that yellow paper waving at me from under the windscreen wiper. They fined me for parking in a bay that’s reserved for coaches to drop off at the Sol House Hotel(or Trinidad in old money)which is actually closed right now. In fact if you can find a hotel that’s open and a coach that’s delivering punters right now then you’re a better man then me. Just to warn you as they didn’t take too kindly at me shouting my mouth off at their office. I was smugly told I could appeal but if I lost I would have to pay the full amount. Now you might say I deserve it, you parked where you shouldn’t. I’d reply with, if it was summer and the resort was buzzing I’d agree with you. Now I’m lucky if I bump into anyone on my way to and from the radio every morning and it’s been like that since the beginning of November. I’ve parked in the same place every day and not one day have I been fined, until Wednesday. For me it’s the underhand way it’s done. The bay was full of cars and every single one was fined. I went past on Thursday morning and not one car was parked there.
Last weekend was the Oscars and the film Parasite was the main talking point as it became the first foreign language film to be named Best Picture. That’s in stark contrast to the troubles of highly-criticised film Cats as it led the way at this year’s Razzies.
The awards, a tongue-in-cheek response to the Oscars, celebrates the worst of the year’s cinema.
After being critically panned and losing millions at the Box Office, Cats received 8 nominations at the Razzies – the most nominations received by one film – including ones for worst picture, screenplay and director.
James Corden, Judi Dench, Rebel Wilson and Francesca Hayward also received nominations for their acting roles. Oscar winner Dench was singled out for “looking suspiciously similar to The Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz.”
Other nominations at this year’s Razzies include ones for Rambo: Last Blood, The Fanatic and The Haunting of Sharon Tate.
The very first World Beer Mat Flipping Championships took place last weekend at the Ship & Shovel pub in Fareham Hampshire. Mats were sent flying as wannabe champions took part in two categories, the speed flip where entrants have to flip ten mats in a row as fast as possible, and the Master flip where they have to catch as many stacked mats as possible with one flip. The winner of the speed flip was a guy called Pedro Balthazar, he only came out to celebrate his birthday and left a champion with a time of 10.04 seconds. The Master flip champion was a guy called Luke Collier who managed to flip 65 mats at once. They raised £750.00 for a breast cancer charity, so well done to everyone who took part.
Last Saturday was another full day of football. Starting with my youngest Jude at Son Cladera, a tight game which his team battled back from 1-0 down to win 2-1. While waiting for his game to start I noticed the CEO of Real Mallorca was watching his own Son playing in a game. He plays for San Francisco, the same as my two but in the pre-Benjamin team. I’d interviewed Maheta a few years ago when Mallorca were in Segunda B and I was after another Interview. We had a good chat and I remember saying we must get 3 points on Sunday at Espanyol. He made a comment which didn’t really register with me at the time but after what happened this week it does now . He said “it will be really difficult as they(Espanyol) have spent 40 million euros in the transfer window and we’ve spent nothing, we’ve just got loans. He agreed that we’d get together for an interview as soon as he was able. Fast forward 3 days and the Club sacked him! It seems like someone needed to take the can for the clubs poor performances. Usually it’s the Coach but it looks like Moreno has been given a vote of confidence and to be honest I don’t think they should get rid of him. The club are working against the lowest wage bill in the league and it’s proving to be tough. Another away loss last weekend at Espanyol puts them in the relegation places on 18 points along with Leganés and Espanyol. Celta are 2 points above in 17th. Mallorca are at home today at 13.00 against Alaves who are in 14th on 27 points. Better news for Atlético Baleares who won 3-1 at home to go 4 points clear at the top of their league. They’re away this weekend against Coruxo from Vigo. It looks like March the 8th Baleares v UD Ibiza could be the title decider.
Talking of Baleares, my eldest Jacobs team played them on Saturday night. We knew we were in for a tough game as they were second in the league and we had beaten them 1-0 away earlier in the season. So it proved but the boys played probably one of their best matches of the year to win 2-0.
Another 3 games to cram in this Saturday, that’s three weeks in a row and Dad Taxi working overtime.
Enjoy your weekend!
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