The Duchess…

Wishing you all a happy new year as we move into another decade. We are currently holidaying in Cancun, Mexico after spending the Christmas holidays with our families in the UK.
We managed to pack in lots of great things during our week. On arrival I dropped off my Wife and kids at the Bedford Swan Hotel, still managed by former Mallorca resident Malcolm Wyse. He’s done a great job updating the hotel which has a great location on the river Great Ouse and if you’re in the area it’s well worth a stay. I then drove down to Ware in Hertfordshire to have a night with my former football team mates. We all meet up at a pub called The High Oak managed by one of our former players and basically catch up on what we’ve all been up to. The banter never changes and as you can imagine gets worse as the alcohol flows. I keep in touch with some of the guys but every year others turn up that I haven’t seen in years. It’s a great night that’s become a regular date in the calendar with a possible Veterans mid-Summer game and Barbecue in planning.
An early start the next morning as we were off Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes. Two days before Christmas probably wasn’t the greatest idea but to be honest it wasn’t too bad and you can pretty much get everything you need with a great array of shops.
Christmas Eve was spent having lunch with my Mum at a pub called the Rusty Gun Pub near Hitchin. Always great to catch up with “The Duchess” as she’s affectionally known and i chose liver and bacon over bubble and squeak with a red wine Jus(gravy to you and I)I can’t remember the last time I had liver and to be honest bubble and squeak, but it was amazing and a pub I can highly recommend. More of “The Duchess” later.
Christmas Day was spent with my Wife’s family in Bedford and Boxing Day we all went off to Northamptonshire to see the rest of the family in a village called Brigstock. It’s a beautiful setting and very much full of the traditions of the countryside. Even though fox hunting has been banned in the Uk the village still has a meet and all the riders in their traditional red and black attire do a ride through going twice around the village. It’s a great spectacle and even better when the pub is open from 10am!
We spent a couple of days up there and took in the latest Star Wars movie “The Rise of Skywalker”. We were recommended to watch it in 4DX. No me neither to be honest. 4DX allows you to watch a film in 4D with environmental effects such as seat motion, wind, rain, lights, and scents along with the standard video and audio. It’s amazing especially in a film like that.
The day after I drove to Cambridgeshire to visit what I call my second family in a town called March. I met these guys in my Butlins days in the late 80’s and every winter I used to go and live and work for them. They looked after me like a Son and it was great to catch with them.
The day after my Sister and I had organised a surprise 90th birthday celebration for “The Duchess”. We invited just a few close family and friends and it was a lovely surprise for her. My Mum at 90 still as lively as ever and leads a very active life in her village, although she’s always moaning that the bus only comes twice a week! Great to see her so happy.
After the party we drove to Gatwick to start the second part of our adventure. Which I’ll tell you all about next week.
Enjoy your weekend!
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