The Confusing World of Airline baggage.

As we get into the New Year thoughts turn to holidays and flight only short breaks. This week Ryanair the budget airline has said its overhead cabin space is getting too crowded with carry-on bags, so only priority customers can take a large piece of hand luggage.
The airline claims too many passengers are trying to take wheely suitcases on-board, which is causing boarding and flight delays. Weren’t they the guys who encouraged us to do it in the first place?
Starting this week, only priority-boarding customers who pay an extra £5 to £6 for the privilege will be allowed two bags: one normal size (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one smaller bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm).
Everyone else will just be allowed to carry a smaller bag, while wheelie-style suitcases will be placed in the hold at the boarding gate for free.
Customers who refuse to put their second bag in the hold because they are carrying breakable items for example will not be allowed to travel and will not be entitled to a refund.
I have looked at a few of the other airlines to see what their cabin baggage policy is;
EasyJet only allows one piece of hand luggage, with a maximum size of 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels.
You can pay extra for an additional cabin bag, provided it’s no bigger than 45x36x20cm.
If you’re just booking a TUI Airways flight only, you can carry 1 piece of hand luggage of up to 5kg for free. The maximum dimensions of your hand luggage can be 55x40x20cm and you must be able to lift your hand luggage into the overhead storage compartments yourself. Things like laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your 1 piece of hand luggage.
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook hand luggage includes one bag as standard, with a maximum size of 55x40x20cm and a maximum weight of 6kg.
Jet2 tickets include one piece of hand-luggage, with a maximum 10kg weight and a size limit of 56x45x25cm.
Provided it’s something you can carry on board, you’re also allowed to bring a small handbag or laptop bag.
British Airways
You can bring one or two bags with you into the cabin – so long as they don’t weigh more than 23kg each.
One should be no larger than 40x30x15cm and the other a maximum size of 56x45x25cm.
Bit of a minefield really. I can understand them all offering different weights but surely they could all have the same bag dimensions as most people don’t travel with the same airline all the time.
As I said above most of the particularly low-cost airlines have encouraged us to travel lighter and with less luggage to speed up the Travelling process. So now by driving down fare costs they are looking at other ways to add extra revenue. Someone told me the other day that it cost them more to pay for their luggage than themselves!
On my way back from our holidays we came through (London) Gatwick. Always makes me smile that, it’s 27 miles away from London, mind you slightly closer than (London) Luton at 35 miles and (London) Stansted which is 39 miles! Always confuses the tourists who get off the plane expecting to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Now Easyjet have a large part of the North terminal where they have created self check-in desks. If you’ve not seen this before basically you check-in and tag your bags yourself. I asked myself some pretty serious security questions too as there wasn’t anybody else around to do it.
I imagine all this is a cost saving exercise but there seemed to be more so called check-in helpers who could have been checking in people. We were even offered by one person to check-in our hand luggage for free, which we declined.
A game that we play with our kids when we need to pass some time like at airports or on planes is a card game called Uno. A game of Uno can be made by having the sought-after Draw 4 card, which puts the power firmly in the holder’s hands.
But it turns out we’ve all been playing the colourful card game wrong and the news has left the internet reeling. According to the rules, you can’t simply save the Draw 4 for when you’re feeling spiteful, or to make your mate pick up cards.
Nope, you can ONLY use the card when you have no other options.
And that’s not all. If someone thinks you’ve played it illegally, they can force you to reveal your hand.
If the person who challenged you is right, the original Draw 4 player must pick up four cards him or herself.
The revelation was made by LaToya McCaskill Stallings, who says she resorted to reading the Uno rule book on a particularly boring day.
“So it’s taken me 35 years on this earth to realize that I’ve been playing Uno wrong since I was a kid,” she wrote on Facebook.
“2018 is going to be a year of enlightenment for me I can just feel it! #yourewelcome”.
A new survey has reported that more than two thirds of the UK population believe British society is becoming less civilised than it once was. Have a look at the list below and see how many you are guilty of not doing.
1. Not using your phone when at the table
2. ‘Ladies first’
3. Never swearing
4. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when requesting something
5. Keeping elbows off the table when eating a meal
6. Giving up your seat on public transport to someone who may need it more than you
7. Holding the door open for people who may be behind you
8. Waiting for your host to seat you at a meal
9. Shaking hands when you greet someone
10. Covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
11. Saying ‘sorry’, even for minor things
12. Chewing with your mouth closed
13. Waiting for everyone to be served their meal before you start eating
14. Saying excuse me to get someone’s attention
15. Taking your place in a queue without pushing in
16. Knocking on closed doors before you enter
17. Holding your knife and fork in what is deemed the ‘correct’ way
18. Queuing in single file when waiting in a line
19. Making eye contact when you greet someone
20. Placing the cutlery in the middle of your plate when you have finished eating
Huge game this weekend for Real Mallorca v their local rivals Atlético Baleares. After Mallorca’s first defeat last weekend there is all of a sudden a little pressure on the team and their Manager. Crazy to think but that comes after 5 draws in a row and a 14 point lead at the top that’s now down to 4. A big crowd expected on Sunday and I’m sure it will be feisty and my money’s on at least 1 red card!
And finally this week I wanted to end on two great Family feel good stories. My youngest Jude went to the dentist the early part of last year as his teeth weren’t growing straight. No Child likes to hear the dentist say you’ll have to get a brace fitted. But that’s what happened to him last March. Braces have come a long way since my younger days and even come in different colours but kids can still be self-concious about them. At the time they said it would probably take up to 18 months but he went back this week to have them out. One very happy and straight toothed smile boy! My eldest Jacob plays football for a team in Palma called San Francisco, they have moved up to 11 a side from 8 a side this season and they have found it a struggle. Heavy defeats at the beginning of the season meant they were short on confidence, however it looks like they’ve now turned a corner and are unbeaten in 3 games and last weekend drew with the team in 4th place. They have also been invited to take part in a tournament called The MeCup held in Menorca over Easter. This prestigious tournament hosts teams from all over the World including Manchester City, Barcelona, Villarreal, Espanol and Schalke 04 to name a few. This week on the MeCup facebook page they posted a picture of the Brazilian U-16 team from 2008 who took part in the tournament. On closer inspection playing in that team were Neymar and Coutinho who currently are worth just under 400 million euros! I’ll keep my eye out for the stars of the future.
Enjoy your weekend.
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